10 ways to combat quarantine boredom


The Walrus

The face of many people and animals who have begun to get bored at home all day

Janelle Marks

Citizens around the world who are currently quarantined due to the COVID-19 outbreak are becoming a bit stir-crazy and overall bored due to their continuous confinement. These are some ideas to help you pass the time.


ABC News
People around the world are creating TikTok videos
  1. Make a TikTok. Many people are creating parodies, songs, dances, and even just using the app to inform people on their own experiences or what people can do to prevent the spread of the virus. The videos are easy to make and access, so even if you don’t want to make any yourself you can still enjoy the other content created on the app.
People both young and old help clean up their living room
  1. Clean something. This one may not be the most exciting sounding, but it does release endorphins which make you happier as Real Simple explains. Cleaning also helps keep you slightly active, and when the quarantine is over you could have a clean car and house to have friends and family in as you catch up. If your house is relatively clean, you could also clean out some of your technology by going through your old emails or deleting old pictures.
Thrive Global
Learn a new recipe to pass the time.
  1. Make some food. Spend some quality time in the kitchen, learning a new recipe, cooking something for your family or special someone. You can even make treats for the four-legged friend in your life. Overall, it could be more satisfying than mindlessly scrolling through social media. 
What’s On Netflix?
These are some of the new Netflix series in the 2020 year.
  1. Start a new TV or Netflix series. Have a TV series you’ve never finished, a movie that you’ve always wanted to see or a series you’ve always wanted to get into? Now is the time to watch them. Combine your new cooking skills to pop some popcorn and curl up in some blankets and get started.
  1. Play with a pet. Playing with your pet will get you active and also make your pet’s day much more fun. You could teach them new tricks and practice old ones, which is fun for you and also helps stimulate your pet’s brain. If possible you could even take them on a jog around the block or buy or create a new toy.
  1. Message a family member or friend you haven’t seen in a while, which for some might be everyone. You could make a goal to catch up with just one person a day and put effort into seeing how they are,  arranging a meet up when everything calms down, or just sharing some fun coronavirus TikToks you’ve made. 
Be Brain Fit
  1. Create some art. It relieves stress which many of us could use in the midst of the mess that the virus has created. This could be making music, videos, writing, doodling or pulling out a paintbrush.
Tiny Buddha
  1. Do some self-care. In daily life we always seem to be on the move, and sometimes we forget to take time to think of our own mental and physical health. Quarantine has provided many the ability to take time to ourselves, and Tiny Buddha gives 45 simple ways to do so.
The New Yorker
An example of a bullet journal.
  1. Keep a bullet journal or diary. Keeping a journal can allow you to express your creativity, improve your memory, relieve stress, set and achieve goals, record ideas, and keep your thoughts organized as Journal.Cloud explains. It’s a great thing to be able to look back on and it can be full of whatever you want, whenever you want to add to it.
Mental Floss

10. Game or replay some older games. Engadget adds that playing video games can improve coordination, memory, problem-solving skills, attention, concentration, brain speed, multitasking skills and even social skills as many game systems allow you to play along with friends and meet new people. The nostalgia of playing an older game can make you happier, reduce stress and much more BottomLineInc lists.