Cowboys offer Dak Prescott richest deal in NFL history


Dak Prescott throwing the ball in-game.

Steven Ward

Dak Prescott has been turning down contract offers from the Dallas Cowboys for quite a while now however, the Cowboys offered a deal to Prescott on Sunday that he may not be able to refuse. 


Prescott has been looking for a deal in the $33 million to $35 million range. The Cowboys offered Prescott $33 million a year and with $105 million guaranteed and other guaranteed bonuses with the contract signing. This would give Prescott the richest contract in NFL history. 


$33 million is a little less than what Prescott would want, but the $105 million would be the richest contract in NFL history with the two combined. The only problem with the deal…is the length.


Jane Slater, of NFL Network, says that “the sticking point still seems to be the years of that contract.” Prescott wants a four-year deal, while the Cowboys want a long-term deal to keep Prescott on the team for a while, but also to not have to sign him to another big deal. Prescott wanted the four-year deal because at the end of that contract, Prescott will be due for another massive contract. However, that contract would be even more than the one he is being offered now. 


Prescott would like to see a higher average salary, but he is getting more out of his deal than what he would have gotten with a higher salary. But that’s not the problem. The problem is the years. 


Prescott has still not accepted the offer, but we will see what happens from here.