Tornadoes tear through central Tennessee


ABC News

Photograph of the devastation in Tennessee that was left in the tornadoes’ wake

Janelle Marks

On March 3, citizens living in Nashville and Cookeville Tennessee were struck overnight by several tornadoes killing many and changing the world the residents fell asleep to.


USA Today reports that at least 25 people were killed and a large number are missing and ABC News spoke with Melahn Finley, a spokeswoman for the Cookeville Regional Medical Center, who said that the 82 people treated there would have their hospital bill sent to their insurance company to be paid and the hospital will, in turn, accept the insurance payment in full. 


The Nashville Mayor John Cooper said that by their count, at least 385 residential properties and 184 commercial buildings had major damages or were completely destroyed and as many as 9,700 households remained without power after the storm struck.


The night time tornado was far more dangerous because many people were in their homes asleep. The tornado reached speeds as high as 165mph making it a severe, EF-3 tornado on the enhanced Fujita Scale. 


The Washington Post commented that the National Weather Service in Nashville tweeted out early Monday morning and informed the public that there may be high winds and a storm threat before the tornado struck, but no one was truly expecting for there to be a tornado, let alone an EF-3 tornado straight through Nashville and the surrounding towns.

President Trump visited Tennessee’s devastation and made a declaration of federal aid to help the recovery efforts and the residents living there, Fox News adds.