Drama club senior showcase play “Radium Girls” preview


Drama club members during a scene of “Radium Girls”

Zachary Noland

The drama club is putting on a play called “Radium Girls” which is based on a true story and follows the story of a young woman named Grace and her boss Arthur Roeder.


Grace works for Roeder and is a dial painter in the U.S. Radium Corp, where Roeder is the president of the company.


People continuously get sick and the company gets blamed for it, but the company tries to protect its name by doing whatever it can to make sure they don’t look like the people that should be blamed. 


The story continues as it shows Grace and others get sicker as the play progresses, and shows how they have to deal with everyday life.


This isn’t a normal drama club play, as it is the senior showcase, so the protagonists are two students who have been part of the drama club since they were freshman, and now seniors.


Those seniors are Dani Breen and Owen Phillips, who have both been part of the drama club for four years.


Dani Breen plays Grace Fryer, while Owen Phillips plays Arthur Roeder.


Owen Phillips answered questions about this play, and their experiences in drama club throughout the years.


When asked about his part in this play Phillips said, “He’s fine, he’s not the worst character I’ve played.”


He was also asked about what it has been like being in the drama club for all four years of high school, and he had to say “It’s changed a lot, It feels very different than when I started as a freshman.”


Phillips said his favorite thing about playing Arthur Roeder is that he’s fun to play because he isn’t one-sided and it’s fun to experiment.


The seniors have worked hard all throughout their high school years and this play is their big moment as they will be the center of attention.