Madison-Plains baseball delayed for three weeks (for right now)

Steven Ward

Madison-Plains baseball has been practicing for their games coming up, but Ohio had other plans. Ohio has delayed all sports activities for the next three weeks. 


Along with Ohio suspending all sports for three weeks, they also have closed all schools in Ohio. The goal of all this is to limit any contact and decrease the spread of COVID-19, or Coronavirus, disease. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has been slowly but surely getting stricter in his regulations with the Coronavirus. He is taking this very seriously.


As for baseball, the minimum is a three-week return for the Golden Eagles, but it will more than likely be later because the peak of the virus is not suspected to come until around mid-May. So this would mean that the chances of the Golden Eagles having a baseball season is very slim. 


The Golden Eagles were expecting to have a great season based on the talent they had and the coaching they had. This is a huge blow and disappointment to these players, especially the seniors.


Steven Ward, a senior on the Golden Eagles baseball team, stated, “this is very disappointing to me. I really wanted to enjoy my final year of baseball and have the chance to go far in the tournament. I want the culture of the Madison-Plains baseball to change for the better and I thought that this could be the year.”


This may be the end of the road for Madison-Plains baseball this year. Currently, in Ohio, there are 67 cases of the Coronavirus. 


We will continue to update you as more updates arise about the Coronavirus in Ohio.