Kiwanis dinner for the top of the class


The Kiwanis Dinner attendees

Bryanna Dodds

Monday, March 9, the London Kiwanis Club invited the top 10 Juniors of Madison-Plains High School and London High School. The dinner was meant to honor and host the top students at the two schools. As well as give the students an award for their hard work.


They had all the students stand up and introduce themselves and tell about what they do at their schools. As well as share their future plans. 


The leader of the club explained that the parents could get involved with the club. As well as the student could apply for a $1,000 scholarship when they reached their senior year. 


When the talking was done side salads and cakes were passed out to everybody. Then a plate of lasagna, green beans, and a breadstick were given when they finished. Everybody was allowed to eat and stay as long as they wished. Well, for a reasonable time. 


Overall, everyone has a great time. With eating and just have a moment to put their minds to rest for a little while. One of the attendants, Allison Peete, politely said “Very lovely and a nice dinner”. 


Parent Amy Dodds said, “This a great time for them to show the kids that they are doing a good job and to give them some recognition”.