How to take care of all those plants from Nature Club

Bryanna Dodds

The Nature Club has been selling lots of plants but, how do you take care of them? Not everyone has a green thumb. But, it doesn’t take very much for these plants to be happy and well. So, here is how to take care of your new friends.

Care of Pothos (Devils Ivy)

Pothos is a very simple plant to take care of and does not require an expert. They can grow in soil and in a vase of water. They do not require much light. Indirect light is the best for these plants.

If grown in the soil they can grow in high to low nutrient soil. And let the soil dry before giving more water. As they do not need very much water and can live a few days without water, they make a very good houseplant.

If grown in water, all you need is to have a vase or jar or a container that holds water and the plant can stay in. And just keep water in the container and the plant will do the rest. This method is the easiest of the two.

These plants can also be propagated. Just simply cut 4’’ to 6’’ from a healthy plant making 3 to 5 leaves on the steam. Then, put the cutting into water, and when the new plant grows roots about 2 to 3 inches it is ready for planting.

Care of Swiss Cheese Plants

Swiss Cheese plants are not as beginner-friendly as Pothos are. They like humid places, so a good place for these plants is the bathroom. They love lots of sun, being from Central America.

They also like water, but allow the soil to dry for about a day before watering again. Though be very careful not to overwater these plants. This causes them to wilt.

Soil is very important. Fertilizer is very important for these plants to grow. They also need soil that drains very well.

They can be propagated the same way as pothos but take longer in growing.

Care of a Christmas Tree Cactus

These plants are easy to take care of and are beginner-friendly, more so than the Swiss Cheese plant.

Place this plant in a sunny place away from direct light. Though it says cactus, it is not. This plant is not found in dry and sunny places. So, put it in a place where it can have room to grow and get enough sunlight.

As for watering, keep the soil moist, but, be sure not to over-water the plant as this could kill it quickly. Have it in a pot that drains well and soil that does as well.

Overall, the plants that they are selling are the easier end of care. The biggest problem is water and the draining of the water. But, one should always water plants when soil is dry and add extra draining place rocks at the bottom of the pot, then place soil.

But, the plants are very nice to have in homes and helps keep indoor air clean. So, keep your plants nice and happy with these simple instructions on how to take care of them.