Heat come out on top in blazing victory



Jimmy Butler is playing against a tough opponent, 76ers, while scoring 38 points in this game.

Steven Ward

The Miami Heat had one of their best games of the season on Monday, when they defeated the Philadelphia 76ers 137-106. There are numerous performances to point out in this win by both teams. 


The Miami Heat were blazing hot, shooting the ball in this whole game, but really lit it up in the fourth quarter by scoring 40 of their 137 points.  The Miami Heat scored 56 points in the first half and 81 points in the second half which is almost unheard of. 


There were numerous performances from the Heat that are worth noting. Bam Adebayo put up 18 points with 11 assists in his double-double game. Goran Dragic had a stellar performance coming off the bench. Dragic scored 24 off the bench, while knocking down four three’s. Duncan Robinson also knocked down four three’s with his 19 points. Derrick Jones Jr. also added 15 points and added three three’s to the Heat’s score. 


The Heat shot for about 57% from the court, 50% from deep and only converted 3 turnovers the whole game. The Heat were actually out-rebounded, 35-44 and were dominated in offensive rebounds, 6-14. The Miami Heat only turned over the ball three times, while the 76ers turned over the ball 14 times. 


The Heat racked up the pressure on defense in this game when the Heat really needed a stop. But what was the real story of the game, was the Heat’s scoring. 137 points in this game is definitely one of their best performances. 


We will see how this blazing hot Heat team will do when they take on the Clippers, who are one of the NBA’s top teams. The Clippers are led by two MVP caliber players in Kawhi Lenaord and Paul George.