Madison-Plains quick recall takes league championship for the OHC for first time in over thirty years


Trisha Bowshier

The Madison-Plains quick recall varsity team ended the 2019-2020 season with one loss, and placing second in the tournament, for an overall score of first place in the league.

Owen Phillips

The Madison-Plains varsity quick recall team won the league championship for the Ohio Heritage Conference (OHC) at their tournament at Greenon High School Saturday, placing first overall against seven other teams.


The team had been on hiatus for Madison-Plains since the eighties until it had been revived by advisor Stormy Hiram in autumn of 2014. This is Hiram’s fifth season of coaching the team, and the most successful season the team has had since being restarted.


The team had spent a large portion of the season undefeated, their only loss against West Liberty-Salem High School in match twelve of fourteen. This placed them at first in the league at the end of regular season matches, a familiar position for some on the team, which had a similar standing going into the tournament last year. This meant that at the tournament, they would be starting in the first seed with twenty-six tournament points, just two ahead of number two seed Cedarville High School, which had won the tournament and the league the year before. 


In the quick recall tournament, points are assigned based on how far a team makes it in the double-elimination bracket, first place being assigned eight tournament points, eighth place being assigned one. 


The team fought their way up through the ranks into Hiram’s first tournament championship match since she took over the team. The team was unfortunately defeated by Cedarville but still managed to collect seven tournament points from their runner-up placement, meaning they took the league 33-32.


This victory follows an upswing for secondary activities at Madison-Plains, just one year after the powerlifting squad took first place at state competition for divisions 5,6 and 7. 


“You know, I used to say that we had the strongest kids in the county, with the powerlifting team, but now we have the brainiest too.” Junior High and High School Principal Ann Boerger said at a meeting Thursday. “Those kids are Siders trained, but these kids, they’re Hiram trained.”