The Madison-Plains Cheerleaders soak in the last moments of their high school career.


Rebecca Horn

The senior cheerleaders pictured with the JV team

Kaylee Hart

On Tuesday, the Madison-Plains Senior Cheerleaders celebrated their last ever MP home game. Senior Night was hosted in the Madison-Plains High School gymnasium as the Eagles faced the Greenview Rams.

The five seniors that were recognized are the following: Head Captain Kaylee Hart, Captain Shelby Jones, Kristen Carty, Rhyan Goodman and Addison Tesi.

They were all awarded for their hard work and dedication they provided throughout the basketball season. Both the senior cheerleaders and the basketball players were escorted by their friends, family and teammates just before their varsity game.

“I’m so beyond proud of my five seniors. My time as their coach is coming to an end. This is so bittersweet, but right now feels more bitter than sweet. I know they’re going to accomplish and do amazing things when they go off into college. I’m going to miss all of them dearly,” stated Coach Rebecca Horn.

In between the first and second quarters of the game, all of the underclassmen MP Cheerleaders gifted their assigned seniors. Many of those seniors received gifts including makeup, bath and shower products, socks and candy. Their coach, Rebecca Horn, gifted the girls’ crowns, bows and sashes to wear the whole night.

Sophomore Octavia Wells stated, “Senior Night was a very emotional experience from the perspective of an underclassmen athlete. It was an enjoyable time to spend the last most with our seniors.”

As the game came to an end, the seniors soaked up their last moments as an MP Cheerleader. They’ll carry these memories and lessons in their life forever.