2020’s Senior Showcase Auditions


Janelle Marks

Madison-Plains Drama Club member Beabea Greenlee auditions for the winter play.

Janelle Marks

Madison-Plains Drama Club held auditions for the Senior Showcase in the auditorium after school on Friday, Jan. 31 and Monday, Feb. 3.

Each participant began with a short monologue to display a small portion of what they can do as an actor. It didn’t have to be long and can be a reading ranging from a piece of a Disney movie to the “To be, or not to be” speech of Hamlet.

Afterward, they read a few excerpts from the scenes of this year’s winter play so that they could try out some of the different roles and give the director and stage manager a better idea of what role they would play best.

The casting choices will be made after Monday’s auditions, but the Senior Showcase speaks for itself as the main focus will be the 2020 graduates.

This year’s play is “Radium Girls” by D.W. Gregory which is set in 1926 when Marie Curie had used the element radium as a “miracle cure” and alarm clocks would glow in households and clock painting factories throughout the United States.

The play is based on the true story of the girls working on the clocks who began feeling ill and follows Grace Fryer, a dial painter, who fights for her day in court as she battles the U.S Radium Corporation who can’t understand how the element could be killing so many workers.