The race for the Democratic nomination begins final stages in Iowa


Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press

Senator Amy Klobuchar was recently endorsed alongside Senator Elizabeth Warren by the New York Times as their picks for the Democratic candidate for president.

Owen Phillips

The 2020 presidential race has begun its endgame in Iowa for the first caucus of the year. The Iowa Caucus represents a turning point in the race for the candidates as they turn from garnering support from independent campaign events and debates, to rallies, polls and primaries. 


The Iowa caucus is largely symbolic in its importance. The caucus itself represents less than 40 eligible delegates for the democratic party in Iowa. The importance of the Iowa caucus and also the New Hampshire primary is that they are among the first to be held.


These preliminary votes are important markers for the candidates and analysts alike to get in touch with who leads the nation in the polls. These votes are important for candidates to get a model to appeal to specific demographics and to discern which issues are of the most interest to voters.


The early votes can often be false positives for a candidate’s likelihood for success but are often considered an excellent starting point for voters and donors, especially to decide whether backing an underdog candidate is worth it.


This is also the time when candidates and voters will look less at the chaos and bluster of a debate, and more on the viability of the candidate and by extension, their policy.


The Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary are when the frontrunners are separated from the rest of the pack, and with a historic twelve candidates still in the running for the Democratic nomination, these early primaries could be more important than ever before.


This is the time when the choices that have remained in the center of the race will be made or broken. Whether they will fall like so many others before or pull ahead into the light of viability will be decided here. Candidates like Amy Klobuchar who, after receiving a glowing recommendation as the New York Times’ moderate Democrat of choice, has also begun to attract several moderate voters who feel disenfranchised by Joe Biden’s promises of a return to bipartisanship.


Ultimately, the Iowa caucus only represents a small picture of a small portion of the beginning of the race but like in a real footrace, the beginning can sometimes be the most important part of the competition.