The Madison-Plains French IV students celebrate L’Epiphanie, a French holiday


Miss Zimmer

The French Students gathered around the classroom with crowns they’ve created by cutting out paper.

Kaylee Hart

On Friday, Jan. 10, the Madison-Plains French IV students celebrated the French holiday, L’Epiphanie. The four students: Kaylee Hart (12), Janelle Marks (12), Addison Tesi (12) and Annie Wethington (12) dedicated their third period class to recognize the French holiday.


Epiphany is celebrated 12 days after Christmas, which is on Jan. 6. It celebrates the date that the Magi went to visit the infant Jesus, according to


As soon as their French IV class started, the students watched a short educational video on how to make paper crowns. A crown is a major symbol of L’Epiphanie and the Three Kings who visited Jesus.  


The students also brought in multiple items to prepare for their celebration including baguettes, croissants and sparkling grape juice. Beatrice Omwomo, their French professor, prepared la galette de rois (represented by vanilla cupcakes), to reveal who the Queen of the Day would be.


 Annie Wethington (12) bit into her cupcake as she revealed the trinquet (represented by an almond). Wethington received the biggest crown out of the five contestants and was named the queen of the day. 


Stated by, la galette de rois (kings’ cake) is a flat almond dessert that is traditionally served in French households. A fève (broad bean) is historically placed inside, but was replaced by small ornaments or figurines in the 19th century. 


The person who finds the trinket within their slice will become king or queen for the day, and will have to offer the cake at the next celebration. It is traditional for the youngest person to place themselves under the table and name the recipient of each piece.


Madame Omwomo states, “I look forward to continuing this tradition with my French classes in years to come.”