Blue Jackets Press Day at Nationwide Arena


Alecia McCafferty

Sydney Szabo, Dani Breen and Steven Ward in front of the CBJ display

Sydney Szabo


Three students from Madison-Plains high school attended Press Day at Nationwide Arena. During the long day they, along with multiple other schools, had the opportunity to attend a panel with five PR professionals that work with the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team. 


They included Director of Communications Karen Davis, Jody Shelley who works in broadcasting, Vice President of Digital Marketing and Media Marc Gregory, Marketing Manager Ben Harrison and PA Announcer Greg Murray. They spoke of how they got started and how they got to where they are today. 


Many of the guest speakers did not plan to go into the fields they are in, but the opportunities that they chose to go for led them to their jobs now. Or as Jody Shelley said, “It doesn’t even feel like work.” 


One of the things they made sure to emphasize with the students who attended was to take every opportunity you can to get experience in your chosen career field. I found this to be very useful information even for students who don’t plan to go into sports PR. 


After the panel, the students split off into groups to either ice skate or tour the building then switch. The behind the scenes tour was a great experience because we got to see the rooms where the game was filmed for live T.V. and also where it was broadcast on the radio.  


The whole experience was an eye opener into the world of sports PR, particularly hockey. It showed how much more goes into sports than just the game. Though I’m not interested in that field of work, it was really interesting to see the village it takes to host sporting events.