Nature Club has decided to add a little green in our homes

Bryanna Dodds

Nature club is selling plants to put some green into people’s lives. At the moment, they are selling the pothos plant, also known as Devil’s Ivy. The plants only cost you $1. Included, you get a plant, soil and a jar to put your new friend in. 


Pothos, or Devil’s Ivy,  is a very viney plant, and it can grow very large. Something important to know about this plant is that if you have a furry friend, this plant is toxic to dogs and cats if ingested.  

Bryanna Dodds
Pothos flower from Nature Club.

This plant is also very hard to kill, for first time planters.  


The Nature Club is going to get other plants as well. They are hoping to start selling plants like the Swiss Cheese plant and cacti. These plants will also only cost $1. The Swiss Cheese plant is also toxic to animals if ingested, and the Nature Club suggests that animals do not eat cacti.

Our House
Swiss Cheese Plant


They will be selling these for as long as they can, so there is not a big rush in getting a plant. The club does hope everyone gets a new green friend to help grow.