“No Need To Worry”: Making the college decisions easier for all

This will be us in the near future, I hope.


This will be us in the near future, I hope.

Every year, countless high school students around the country ask themselves two very important questions as their senior year of high school passes by: Should they go to college? And if they should, where to?


These questions are a few amongst the many I have asked myself recently. As a senior in high school whose siblings are both either in or out of college already, I often tell people that all I ever hear these days is “college, college, college.” All of the talk about over-priced costs and dorm living doesn’t help either.


As stressful as it is for me, being the guy I am who can’t even make simple decisions to save his life, I’ve learned during the school year that there is indeed no need to worry about these next four years of my life. And the best part? I can say that for all of my fellow seniors as well.


The first and most important thing I wish to present is that there are far more people than we’ll ever know asking themselves the same questions we ask ourselves: How will I fit in? What should my major be? Why is college so expensive anyway? These questions are not new, and when questioned, many graduates often say that it was four of the best years of their life.


But what if you’re worried about what you major might be, or trying to get the best financial deals possible? I understand that college might not be for everyone, but college can teach us life skills that we will very much need in our lives, many of which will help us as we reach adulthood and perhaps start our own families.


The fact is, money is actually much easier to access than you might realize. The secret is that many college students just tend to spend a little much. Do the math. If you go out to eat with friends every day off campus and have your meal bills topping $40 every single day, you’ll spend lots of money on food throughout the year. Why do that when you can socialize and get meals for free in your campus food court? Not only is free food really neat as is, but you’ll likely save at least an extra $6,000 every year on JUST food.


And gas? What if you like to go places with friends? I hate to break it to you, but not going places is not only safer, but also far more affordable. Let’s say you pay $2.80 per gallon for gas in your brand new, pimped out diesel truck, which probably costs a lot to even own in the first place. Imagine you get around 12 gallons at a time, and use up one tank every two weeks or so. I’ll leave the equation here for you. 


$2.80 x 12 x 2 fills per month x 9 months x 4 years + the fees of whatever you’re actually doing + the cost of your car loan over these four years = At least $2,419.20 over four years. And you can expect that number to be WAY higher.


All of the above options would require you to not have as much fun in college, and the numbers are merely an estimation. That being said, I still believe the saving effort is more than worth the danger of whatever college kids do these days. (You can’t put a price on your own life, after all.) On that note, there’s another thing we don’t need to stress over. Most colleges offer similar academic and social opportunities, so you do not need to worry about using that criteria.


To put it bluntly, you still have to look up what college is right for yourself. Rest assured, though, that no matter where you end up going, you’ll ultimately come out of college with more knowledge than you had beforehand..


So what are you waiting for? Your life is waiting. Your future is waiting. Your career is waiting. And when you have everything going for you, there truly is no need to worry.