Madison-Plains’ Powerlifting Team is creating champions


Brandon Wright

Madison-Plains’ Boys Powerlifting team gathers to celebrate their victory.

Janelle Marks

Madison-Plains’ Powerlifting Team competed at Kenton Ridge High School on Jan. 4 and won first place as a team for the total weight lifted.


Many students received awards for their weight class: Chase Kelly, who received 1st (total of 715lbs lifted), Steven Ward, who received 1st (total of 450lbs lifted), Matt Holbrook who received 3rd (total of 720lbs lifted),  Jacob Lawler, who received 2nd (total of 145lbs lifted), and Zach George who received 1st as well.


The girls’ powerlifting team also creates champions such as Addison Tesi, who recently received 2nd place for a 275lbs deadlift and 100lbs bench and helps her teammates as an experienced senior.


The program had three participants in 2011, led by Coaches Mike Siders and Paul Bryant. The program now has 70 students.


“We are the team that people are looking at when we walk into that gym,” Coach Siders said proudly.


The students have a daily fitness program for core lifts which are deadlift, bench, and squat. Of those students who were interviewed, the majority favors deadlifting.


Coach Siders emphasizes that the powerlifting program is open to every student attending Madison-Plains High School, even if they don’t take weight training class. As long as they take coed physical education and come to practices after school, they can compete and participate in weight training.


“I embrace the opportunity of helping making kids better not only in the activity that they’re in, but in life,” Coach Siders explains.


Their next meet is Saturday, Jan. 25th at Springfield Shawnee, so make sure to come and support them.