Madison Plains Pep Band returns


Renee Perkins-Hostetler

The band sitting in the stands watching the game.

Sydney Szabo

The Madison-Plains pep band, made up of the concert band students, is once again attending and performing at the varsity basketball games. They will be at all the home games to provide entertainment for the students and community.


The band took a year off from the games due to being asked to participate in the pay-to-play the school had introduced during the 2018-2019 school year. The pay-to-play was where students in any sports or marching band had to pay a $100 fee to do their activity or activities. The administration was going to also have the pep band pay this fee, but they declined because of lack of funds. Therefore, the home games had no band. 


The band was able to return due to the fact that the pay-to-play was eliminated


A typical game day begins after school. There’s a handful of students who stay after school for the game, with a few of the ones who drive leaving to eat before the report time. The rest of the band arrives a few minutes before the report time, which is usually around 6:15 p.m. 


From that time until the game begins the band rehearses the songs they’ll be performing. Those selections usually include but are not limited to: “The Star-Spangled Banner,” “Fight song,” “Ex’s and Oh’s,” “Hey cheer,” “Let’s go green,” “Seven Nation Army” and many more.


They then sit in the bleachers for the game, cheering on the Golden Eagles and having a great time.