Who’s the MVP of the NBA?


LA Times

LeBron James taking a breather after a tough game.

Steven Ward


In the NBA, there have been three players who have really set themselves apart from the rest of the league and established themselves as elite players. LeBron James, James Harden and Luka Donica have had amazing seasons to start the year,  and all three players are in my ones to watch. 


LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers SF

LA Times
LeBron James taking a breather after a tough game.

LeBron James is being referred to in this as an SF (Small Forward), but James really plays just about every position on the court and is one of the best players in the NBA at each position. James throughout his entire career has been highlighted and identified as “The King”, “The Chosen One”, and simply as the best player in the world and possibly ever.


 James is 34 years of age and is still arguably one of the best players in the league, which is unheard of and incredible. LeBron James on the year is averaging 25.4 points per game and with a field goal percentage of almost 50, averaging 7 rebounds a game, 10.8 assists per game and lastly is averaging 1.4 steals per game according to nba.com.


LeBron is once again dominating the league in scoring, passing, rebounding and defense. Lebron James is ninth in the league in scoring and first in the league in assists. 


LeBron is a true leader on his team and every game is doing what he needs to do for his team to win. He is averaging a double-double on the year and looks to continue that trend throughout the season. James is a true consideration for MVP with his skills with and without the ball. 


James Harden, Houston Rockets SG

The Undefeated
James Harden disagreeing with officials call on court.

James Harden is a one of a kind player; a player that we don’t see very often. James Harden has always been a scorer in the NBA and this season has been no different, if not better. 


James Harden is averaging a career-high 38.5 ppg (points per game) and averaging 7.4 assists. No one player in the league in many years has averaged that many points in a season since Hall of Famer Wilt Chamberlain. 


James Harden plays Point Guard and Shooting Guard. When Harden is in the game he takes over the game. 


People may classify him as a bit of a ball hog, but he knows how to take and create open shots. Harden has delivered in some big moments and once again is averaging an NBA best in points per game.


His ability to pass the ball when needed is another great asset. Yes, he takes a lot of shots, but he is averaging seven assists per game for a reason. 


Harden’s only knock is his defensive game. Harden has been known to play poor defense. Harden is a one-dimensional player and it shows with his game. He goes so hard on the offensive end, that he gets too fatigued to play defense and that is the only knock on Harden. 

Luka Donica, Dallas Mavericks PG

Business Insider
Luka Donica playing in-game for Mavericks.

Luka Donica is in his second season with the Mavericks and is having one of the best seasons an NBA player has ever had in their second season.


Donica is averaging a career-high 30 ppg, 9.2 assists and 9.8 rebounds. The Mavs are 16-7 on the year and are really playing good basketball. 


Donica leads the league in triple-doubles with seven and the next two being Russell Westbrook with six and LeBron James with five. Donica has shown that he can hurt an opposing team with much more than just his scoring ability, but also his ability to find the open man and being able to rebound on the offensive and defensive ends. 


Donica’s only knock is that he isn’t necessarily known for stealing the ball or blocking but still plays tight defense. Donica has been arguably the best player in the league.


All three of these players have cases that can label them MVP. However, my MVP is Donica. Donica has shown that he can take over a game without committing turnovers and be able to hurt a defense with his ability to pass, rebound and score. He has shown this year that he is the MVP.