Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and Norse- oh my!

Rick Riordan

Redeemed Reader

Rick Riordan

Bryanna Dodds

Many people know about Rick Riordan’s famous books. He has written many different books including “Percy Jackson and The Olympians,” “The Kane Chronicles,” and “Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard,”  These books talk about all things mythology: from the Roman and Greek gods and goddesses to all nine realms of the world of the north. 


Riordan’s books are very educational for readers of all ages. They teach you about all the different gods, goddesses, lore, monsters and afterlives of all the mythologies. 


Riordan’s books are mainly around Greek mythology. The series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” and “The Trials of Apollo” involve learning about Greek mythology. They also include the characters speaking Greek from time to time. These books also have a glossary for readers that don’t know what a certain god is or what a Greek word means. 


One series, however, talks about both Greek and Roman mythology: “The Heroes of Olympus.” This five-book series has both Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. This book revolves around eight very different charters learning a lot about their different cultures, as they are either Greek or Roman. The charters also will speak in Greek or Latin at times– though there is also a glossary in these books too. 


Riordan has also written a series about Norse mythology. That being “Magnus Chase and The Gods of Asgard”. In these books, you learn about the nine realms, all the gods and goddesses and everything about them and how they interact. You learn of the realm of the Gods, Asgard and the realm we live in, Midgard. But, if you like Marvel’s “Thor,” this series would be fun to read to learn more about the God of Lighting. 


One last series is the “The Kane Chronicles.” These books are about Egyptians. You learn of past Pharaohs and learn about all the gods and the worship of the gods. These books also have a glossary. 


All of these books are very well written to where people of all ages can relate to the characters and learn about new things. They help kids also get some of their insecurities and be more accepting of themselves. The books involve the LGBTQ+ community, a range of different raced characters and very flawed characters. With these books, people can see themselves in one or more characters and they are learning from their mistakes and understanding how things work while also being action-packed. 


Many people may see these books as simply for children, but they can teach people of all ages and cultures. These books teach kids about mythology, yes, but they also teach about other cultures and lifestyles and how different parts of the world work. The reader gets to be somewhere they would never have been. The reader also gets an inside view of the characters’ minds and sees what they are scared of, how flawed they are and how they learn to accept the way they are and love themselves. 


Overall, these books are good for anyone and everyone. Helping people is something that Riordan loves to do so, this is a great way to help people.