The French start their Christmas celebrations


Janelle Marks

Seniors Annie Wethington and Kaylee Hart dress up to celebrate Le Jour de Saint Nicolas.

Kaylee Hart

This Friday, The Madison-Plains High School French Club gathered to celebrate Le Jour de Saint Nicolas, passing candy out to students during their 3rd, 6th and 7th period classes. 


Each year the club puts together a mini celebration to recognize the French holiday. They had multiple students dress up throughout the day to represent Saint Nicolas and Père Fouettard. The students that dressed up were Kaylee Hart (12), Annie Wethington (12), Jacob Hamet (10), and Gavin Schleich (10).


The students went from classroom to classroom passing out candy and singing the song “Saint-Nicolas patron des écoliers. French Club President Janelle Marks also gave a short summary about the story of Saint Nicolas and Père Fouettard.


Le Jour de Saint Nicolas is a religious holiday celebrated in Europe. It marks the first day of the start of Noël (Christmas) for the French. Saint Nicolas developed the reputation for gift-giving and being a kind and generous man. He put coins in people’s shoes and was known as the protector of children. 


In France, the most regions of Alsace and Lorraine celebrates this holiday more than any other. 


On the night of December 5th, children place their shoes beside the fireplace or at the door. By morning, their shoes are filled with chocolates, fruits, candies and nuts.


“It was a very fun experience,” said Janelle Marks. “We got celebrate our last Jour de Saint Nicolas at Madison-Plains. It was a very bittersweet moment, but we all had fun celebrating it.”


The Madison-Plains French Club will continue this tradition in years to come but will miss all of their seniors.