Madison-Plains High School Quick Recall takes yet another victory against Greenon.


The quick recall team practice for their upcoming matches. (Left to right) Spencer Backer, Evan Fisher, Ken Shafer, Hannah Geyer, Joey Grisgby, Jerry Slagle, Andrew Geyer, and Jakob Slagle

Bryanna Dodds

At Madison-Plains High School, the Quick Recall Team took a match from Greenon High School scoring 380-190. 


Quick Recall involves a team buzzing in to answer questions correctly, – think “Jeopardy.”  They answer questions from science, history, math, and etc. All they have to do to win is to answer more questions correctly than the other team, – each question has a different point value. 


Madison- Plains High School now holds a perfect track record–not a single loss of their three matches. They plan on staying on this track. 


Everyone is very excited to go and keep their winning streak, and their next match will be Dec. 5 against Southeastern.