Sophomores from Madison Plains take a trip to Tolles

Zachary Noland

On Dec. 3, the sophomores of Madison Plains High School went on a trip to Tolles to find out if they want to either go to Tolles or if they want to stay at Madison-Plains for their junior and senior years.


All of the sophomores got to go to two different classes of their choice.


Some of the classes that the sophomores could choose from were Marketing, Pre-Nursing, Firefighting and EMT, Culinary Arts, Criminal Justice, and Cosmetology.


The students chose two classes they think that they would like or would lead to careers that they think they would want to pursue in the future.


Seniors at Tolles have the chance to become a paid intern for their desired career path most of the seniors at Tolles on this day already had internships.


The internships you take are not free, as they are all paid except for a few internships were free.

Interns are typically paid, with a few exceptions.


Tolles is a great place to start your career if you do not want to go to college because they have college credit classes and you can get right into a career for two years before you go off into the workforce.