Madison-Plains Junior High School art class paints rocks for the land lab



Rock paintings that have already been sealed and set out along the trails of the land lab welcome students to the trails and help to brighten the area no matter the season.

Janelle Marks

Madison-Plains Junior High School students paint rocks with the intention to place them outside at the land lab to brighten the trails and create a colorful atmosphere year-round in Mr. Carroll’s Junior High art class.


The students have the opportunity to be as creative as they like in the time that they’re given and create an artwork that future Madison-Plains students will get to see whenever they go out and study at the land lab.


In a short interview with one of Madison-Plains’ art teachers, Mr. Carroll, when talking about having his students paint their rocks and taking creativity into the outdoors.

 he admitted, “ I always enjoy this project; it’s fun.” 

The students get to pick out a rock and then they can paint it with acrylic paints in whatever design they choose. Once they’ve finished painting, they get to sign their names on their artwork and spray the rock with a coat of sealant to ensure that the paint won’t be washed away by the outdoor elements.


So far, most of the trails and seating areas in the land lab are lined with colorful creations from other high school science and art classes. The atmosphere has already begun to feel more vibrant, the same way a classroom might feel when colorful posters are put on the walls. 


Overall, Madison-Plains’ Junior High students are excited to be a part of the new tradition which will be continued for future students.