Madison-Plains marching band performs in short and sweet parade

Benjamin Thompson

On Monday, Dec. 2, the Madison-Plains High School marching band performed in a parade in London, Ohio for a very short and sweet Christmas celebration down a very short one-road route.


The band performed a loop of their marching cadence and Jolly Old Saint Nick as they marched down a single road route alongside a police escort and many other people trying to get in the holiday spirit.


The parade, in particular, was arguably one of the shortest the band has ever participated in, but it was also one of the sweetest; a group of Madison County residents gathering together in Christmas attire seems to be able to lift anyone out of a bad mood, especially when there’s a grown man walking around talking to people wearing a Grinch costume.


The event was voluntary for the band, meaning that its members didn’t technically have to go. Nevertheless, a large portion of the band still volunteered for the event. At the end of the parade, senior student Benjamin Thompson told his fellow bandmates that he appreciated the effort and dedication they had towards the program.

The band’s director, Mrs. Hostetler, had said at the end of the parade that she, too, was enthusiastic about the number of people that attended the parade. 


The band will be performing in another Christmas parade this coming Saturday in Mt. Sterling, Ohio and they encourage all who can attend to come.