Madison-Plains Powerlifting Team starts competition season on December 21

Trevor Null is deadlifting 435 lbs while Nate Hill is spotting him from behind.

Trevor Null is deadlifting 435 lbs while Nate Hill is spotting him from behind.

Steven Ward

The Golden Eagles Powerlifting Team will have their first meet of the year on Dec. 21. The Golden Eagles look to repeat their success from last year and become State Champions once again.


The meet will be held at Madison-Plains Intermediate School, for the annual Iron Eagle Classic. The Golden Eagles have been training all year for this meet. Every day the team is hitting the weights, trying to improve their maxes in each lift.


The team is led by two returning veterans, Sam Powell and Steven Ward. Powell was a State Champion last year, and Steven placed seventh in State. Steven is on pace to be a part of the 1,000-pound club and possibly place first at State Competition. 


Ward has been setting personal records with all his lifts. With his bench, he is lifting 225 lbs, a 425 lbs deadlift, and a 365 lbs squat. 


The Golden Eagles have high expectations for this season and this is just the starting point. The State Powerlifting Meet will be held in March in Kenton, Ohio. 


Coach Michael Siders tells his team the same thing each and every time they are in the weight room: “It’s a Tradition.” Siders says that “The Tradition” started in 2011 and has continued to grow. The class started with only a few kids in the class and now has over 60. Siders has really brought “The Tradition” to Madison-Plains. 


The Golden Eagles would love if everyone could come out and support!