Masons’ visit Madison-Plains on Thursday to bring smiles to the kids

Masons visit Madison-Plains on Thursday to bring smiles to the kids

Steven Ward

Freemasonry is an organization that has been around since King Solomon’s day. It is the largest and oldest fraternity in the world. And on Thursday, three of the Masons took time out of their day to give away dictionaries to third-graders at Madison-Plains. 


So, why dictionaries? One Mason said, “Words are powerful tools.” Their point is that giving the dictionaries, although it may be something small, could help each and every child’s education. 


Children expressed excitement when the dictionaries were given to them. Their faces were ready and eager to learn with these dictionaries. 


These Masons are local to us; their lodge is based here in Mount Sterling. However, the Mason’s are a world-wide organization. They all say that their duty is to help others become “better citizens.” 


The local Masons here in the small town of Mount Sterling started the tradition about 30 years ago of giving dictionaries to the little kids. The main goal for the Masons is to help each and every one of these kids become “more respectful and to be better citizens,” said by one of the Mason brothers. 


The Masons are making an impact on our community, and Friday we got to see a little bit of that.