Reasons to start Christmas music November 1


Festive bells on a piece of sheet music

Sydney Szabo

One of the most debated topics of the holiday season is this: when is the right time to start playing Christmas music?  Some people say Nov. 1, some say Dec. 1. Others don’t start until a week or two before Christmas. Here’s some reasons why it’s good to listen early.


Singing all on its own is good for you

Christmas songs are catchy, making it easy (and hard to resist) singing along. Singing is a gentle form of exercise that helps fill the lungs with air, increase your heart rate and get your blood pumping faster, according to BBC Health. It also is known to improve heart health with related benefits to stress reduction and maintaining your general health. 


Singing brings happiness

It’s said also on BBC Health that singing brings a great amount of happiness. Singing is difficult to do well with a long face as it affects your pitch. It is recommended to smile as you sing and be positive while you do it. Singing also brings a release of a pleasure hormone in your brain.


Christmas music has songs for every mood

According to CNN, listening to tunes such as “Jingle-Bells” can make people feel more energized, while slower songs can make people more relaxed. Most Christmas music is known for being happy and uplifting but there are sad, slow songs also. 


Christmas music can bring back memories and nostalgia

It’s often said that certain Christmas songs can bring up a memory from your childhood or a memory with your own children. The music can help to bring back memories of coming down the stairs on Christmas morning and seeing all the presents under the tree. It’s a magical moment, even once you realize there’s no actual magic involved. Those are times even the grinchiest of people wouldn’t mind reliving.