Dak for MVP

Dak for MVP

Steven Ward

Dak Prescott has had by far his best season in a year he is playing for a contract. 

Prescott is looking for around $35 million this season and people have been doubting and criticizing him for not being good enough for that kind of money.

Prescott has had an amazing season and arguably in the MVP conversation. The Dallas Cowboys are a 6-4 football team in their first 10 games and that is why Prescott has been underestimated. Although, that is to no fault of Dak Prescott. This is due to many things, like a running game that has been struggling as of late, and head coach Jason Garrett, who has had some very questionable moments in his time at Dallas and is possibly on the hot seat for his failure to win with a talented football team. 

Dak Prescott is just recently getting some looks his way for MVP conversation and deserves the attention. Dak Prescott has been leading this football team on offense when the highest-paid running back in the NFL, Ezekiel Elliott, hasn’t been able to do the job. 

On Sunday, Prescott had an MVP performance. Elliott was again averaging 2.8 yards a carry. Elliott was struggling all day to run the ball and the defense was struggling to stop the Lions offense led by their backup quarterback. Prescott threw for 444 yards, three touchdowns, no interceptions or turnovers, and a passer rating of 116.6. He had an MVP caliber game once again and led his team to the win, 35-17.

Ezekiel Elliott said after the game, “Dak is playing the best football I have ever seen him play, he definitely took his game to the next level, just the things he has been able to do. Come up to the line, change the plays, getting us in the right plays versus certain looks,” according to the bleacher report.

According to the bleacher report, Kellen Moore, the Offensive Coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys said,“I just love that he finds the open guy goes through progressions, whether it’s Amari, whether it’s Randall, whoever it is, he doesn’t really get locked into people,. Prescott doesn’t just target one guy most of the time. He spreads the ball around so the defense does not know who he will throw to. 

Last game, Prescott had again one of his best games in his NFL career. He was playing a top 5 defense in the Vikings and lit up the box score. He threw for 397 yards, one interception, and three touchdowns. Prescott showed that no matter how good the defense is, he will find a way to score and beat that defense. 

On the year Prescott has four 300 yard passing games and three of those have surpassed 400 yards passing. Prescott in his last three games has thrown for three touchdowns and has five games in which he has thrown for three or more touchdowns on the season. Prescott is on a roll right now.

Prescott currently leads the league in passing yards with 3,221 yards on almost 68% of his passes being caught. Prescott has tied for second in the league in passing touchdowns with 21. Lastly, Prescott is also second in the league in QBR (Quarterback rating) with 78.8, which is just 0.2 off of the leader, which is Russel Wilson. Russel Wilson is the top of the MVP conversation and Prescott’s stats are similar in some ways and better in others. 

The point is that in the MVP conversation, people don’t care as much about how well a player is playing on a mediocre team, but is more about how well a specific player is playing on a Super Bowl contending team. Prescott has kept this team in the playoff race for the entire season.