Why “IGOR” should win Album of the Year

Zachary Noland

“IGOR” by Tyler, the Creator, is Tyler’s fifth studio album and is up for the title of Album of the Year in the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards.


Tyler started his music journey in 2009 with his debut mixtape titled “Bastard”, which was a very dark album that talked about a lot of his depression and anger.


He started to gain a lot of attention from his mixtape, so when he released the song “Yonkers” as a single for his debut album “Goblin”, he got high praise for the instant success from the song that even Kanye West gave the song and Tyler a shoutout.


His second album “WOLF” had a much more jazz type of music to it, as it showed what Tyler was able to do creatively and showed his creativity not just as an artist, but also as a person.


His third album “CHERRY BOMB” was his lowest rated album as it was more of a bass heavy album that didn’t have a purpose like all of his other albums.


His fourth album “Flower Boy” was his highest praise of a rap album, as it showed just how creative could be, as this album was nominated for rap album of the year at the 2017 Grammys, but it lost to Kendrick Lamar’s album “DAMN.”


Now Tyler’s fifth album “IGOR” is the full creativity that he could’ve shown and it shows why he should be respected as an artist, a person, and why he should win album of the year.


This album has showed the world something that they have never seen before in an album as it was completely mixed and you barely hear when Tyler was actually singing.


This album showed how far Tyler came just as a person from the first track of his mixtape “Bastard” all the way to the final song of “IGOR”, “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS”.


“IGOR” is an album about falling in love with someone, and then ending the relationship and is mixed to perfection and Tyler makes everything sound perfect with the synths and 808s.


The features on this album fit perfectly with what they want to say as he got features from Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert, and Playboi Carti as the most popular ones.


The album was written, produced, and arranged by Tyler himself, with a small team of people to help him with certain things, but the majority of the album was completely Tyler and his friends, who he featured on the album.


“IGOR” is the most diverse and different album that anyone has heard in the hip-hop or any genre this year, or even ever, as this album has shown the world something beautiful.


This album deserves Album of the Year more than any other album that has come out this decade and deserves the amazing amount of recognition this album got.