12 Angry Jurors


Kristen Carty

The cast discussing the trial.

Kristen Carty

Madison-Plains High School Theater is presenting Twelve Angry Jurors, adapted by Sherman L. Sergel on Friday, Nov. 22 – Sunday, Nov. 24. 

Friday and Saturday shows are at 7 pm and the Sunday show is at 2 pm. Tickets are $7 for the general public, $5 for seniors, and $3 for students. Tickets will be $2 for students to attend. There will also be a performance for the students on Friday, Nov. 22 during the 8th and 9th periods. 

The cast of the play is Dalton Dodds, the guard, Michael Whitmoyer, the foreman, Beabea Greenlee, juror 2, Owen Phillips, juror 3, Nic Nye, juror 4, Dani Breen, juror 5, Abby Holbert, juror 6, Alisha Higbee, juror 7, Janelle Marks, juror 8, Paul Erret, juror 9, Annie Wethington, juror 10, Becky Grisby, juror 11, Shelby Jones, juror 12, and Ashley Woodard, drama instructor. 

The play was about a boy who was on trial for murdering his father. The play goes back and forth about if the boy was guilty or not guilty. Juror 8 kept fighting for the boy and believed that he did not kill his father. It starts out with 11 jurors saying he is guilty and one saying he is not. Throughout the middle, there were 6 jurors saying he was guilty and 6 were saying he was not. Good points were made about why the boy was not guilty. 

There were also two witnesses who claimed that they knew for a fact that the boy did it. One said they heard him say “I’m going to kill you” then heard the father hit the floor, and then saw the boy run out. While the el train was going by but there’s no way he would have heard someone say that with a loud train next to them. Which the story was not correct. Another witness said she saw the boy kill his father while the L train was going by. Her story was not believable either. 

The jurors kept going back and forth about if he was guilty or not. In the end, 11 jurors were saying he was not guilty and 1 said he was guilty. Juror 3 was not giving up because he thought he would be letting a murder roam the streets. Right before he walked out the door he looked at juror 8 and said not guilty.

The play overall was extremely good. Everyone stayed in character and they all nailed their lines. The actors did amazing and really gave their all. 12 Angry Jurors was a wonderful pick to produce. It was interesting, suspenseful, and exciting. Everyone brought their passion and dedication to the stage. 

Also, Janelle was asked what her favorite moment in the play was, she said Juror 8 and juror 3 get into an argument and he runs after her while two guys are holding him back and yells he is going to kill her, “The scene where he (Owen Phillips) almost tackled me.”