“Death Stranding” by Hideo Kojima- He is back everybody



Hideo Kojima (left) and Norman Reedus (right) during the making of “Death Stranding”

Bryanna Dodds

“Death Stranding” is the first game Hideo Kojima has released since he left Konami in 2015. Kojima has created many games like “Metal Gear” and “P.T”. Kojima is a well-respected game designer and producer. So, the gaming community is happy to see him come back with “Death Stranding”. 


This game takes a twist to the afterlife. When you die you become a “BT” or “Beached Thing”. And you use a “BB” or “Bridge Baby” to see where the “BT”s are by connecting the “BB” to the orthodox which flashes faster or slower depending on how far you are from a“BT”.  


 You start the game as Sam Porter, played by Norman Reedus, a porter(think UPS man but better) and he is trying to reconnect the fallen power of The United States of America through the chiral network. 


You begin with a cut scene of Sam on his bike trying to get to his destination. When time fall hits, the rain that causes everything it touches to age rapidly, and he takes cover in a cave. There he meets a girl. While there, a “BT” comes up and they hold their breath to keep it from finding them. From there the player is thrown into the game. 


From there the player takes over and got to “Bridges”, a company that’s like UPS but high tech.    Where you meet “Deadman”. From there the player plays the game at their own pace, delivery packages and connecting people to the network. You have a boss fight here and there not too many.  Then a few plots twist with the “bad guy” and your “BB”.


Overall this game is a nice change from all the first-person shooters that everybody likes and is a nice game to play on your own and just have fun with it. Though at times it can get really intense and your heart is pounding–lots of fun.


The game plays well on the Playstation 4, the only console you can play on- PC and Xbox are to be released later. Controls handle well, for the most part; some buttons for actions can be changed and altered to have faster and better playthroughs. 


Animations and graphics are well done. Though when you get to snow, the graphics can be better. When you move around in the snow you do leave footprints, but the moving and flow of the snow is off.


The orthodox can be hard to see at times. When you are carrying lots of equipment on your back the orthodox is out of sight of the player. And this causes lots of problems for the player. 


The “BB” is a nice touch to the game but not when he cries every time you fall or trip. The balance in the game using the triggers is annoying. Though it does make the game more different it’s so much that you can be standing still and you can fall over and all your belongings are everywhere. As for “BB” crying at every given moment and the player having to rock the “BB” to get it to stop is not bad but how often it can happen. And it can take a while to soothe the “BB”.  Which is very annoying. 


All other aspects of the game are very cool and unique. Having the game online and everybody being able to work together to make and get things delivered and done quicker is amazing. The message of the game is to connect people together and this is a perfect way to do it.