Is Thanksgiving that Important?

A house decked out in Christmas decor, while providing Thanksgiving dinner.

Solstock/ Getty Images; House Beautiful

A house decked out in Christmas decor, while providing Thanksgiving dinner.

Kaylee Hart and Janelle Marks

During the fall and winter seasons, many Americans are not giving enough attention to Thanksgiving. They’re skipping from Halloween straight into Christmas by putting up their Christmas decorations before they celebrate Thanksgiving.


Now the question that has been laid before us: Should we all join in?


KAYLEE HART: Thanksgiving should not be understated. When celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving, you are disrespecting America. 


JANELLE MARKS: Christmas is a much more important holiday than Thanksgiving. First of all, Christmas is celebrated around the world in many cultures and is for both the religious and non-religious.


KAYLEE HART: Thanksgiving may be for the religious, but it’s also for the non-religious as well. Whether you’re non-religious or religious, you can still celebrate Thanksgiving.


JANELLE MARKS: Christmas represents people coming together and being joyful, when you celebrate Thanksgiving you are remembering the murder of the natives and the confiscation of their land, and saying your thanks for it happening.


KAYLEE HART: Thanksgiving has many different meanings.This holiday celebrates the joining of the Native Americans and Pilgrims. Although this holiday has rocky origins, it can also be a way to state what you’re thankful for (health, friends and family, etc.). Thanksgiving is a public holiday. It’s a day off for the general population, meaning most schools and business organizations are closed.


JANELLE MARKS: Christmas is also a public holiday and in schools around America there is a much larger break to celebrate it. Also Christmas is celebrated globally in different ways, other cultures can’t celebrate Thanksgiving.


KAYLEE HART: If there’s a much larger break, why do we need more time to celebrate it? If you celebrate Thanksgiving all the way in November, it can get tiring. I’m in a choir class that started singing Christmas music back in October. I know from personal experience that celebrating Christmas too early can become old.


JANELLE MARKS: Christmas songs are already playing over radios, there aren’t ever any Thanksgiving songs to get someone in the “Thanksgiving spirit.” Furthermore, other songs are still played on other stations so there is an option to listen to Christmas songs or not, if you feel that it will be too much. Also, stores around the country have decorated their stores with Christmas decorations skipping Thanksgiving entirely.


KAYLEE HART: There aren’t any Thanksgiving songs, but there also aren’t any Easter, Halloween or New Years songs. Those are all important holidays that are celebrated globally, but still don’t have songs on the radio to put someone in the “spirit”. Decorations can lose their luster pretty quickly: tree decorations start falling off their branches, bulbs start burning out, garland starts drooping and dust starts collecting. Everything loses its charm after all those weeks.


JANELLE MARKS: Thanksgiving decorations or general fall decorations go through the same processes. The real question is if decorations growing older change the spirit of the holiday. Decorations are not what Christmas or Thanksgiving are truly about. It’s more about family and friends coming together to celebrate, maybe religious or  non-religious, but if you had to lose one holiday Christmas is a much larger loss.


KAYLEE HART: Why do we have to choose one holiday over the other? Why can’t be have a balance of both? Thanksgiving should be celebrated the month of November, and Christmas the month of December. Thanksgiving is an important holiday that should be recognized. 


JANELLE MARKS: Christmas is more important, and people should be able to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving if they choose. A person doesn’t have to choose between the two holidays, but they shouldn’t be ashamed to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving if they choose.