“Healing The Division”: Should we abolish the political party system?

The elephant is the republican symbol and the donkey is the democrat symbol


The elephant is the republican symbol and the donkey is the democrat symbol

Benjamin Thompson

For the past 243 years, four months, and some odd days, the United States of America has thrived as a powerful, yet gentle nation, sprouting from the principles of independence and liberty. Historically, we as American citizens have taken these principles into account and have helped each other through thick and thin, pursuing the benefits of our freedoms no matter what might happen to divide us as citizens of a nation that literally has “United” in its name.


It feels that lately, however, our nation has seemed quite a bit more divided. In recent times, it’s almost impossible to go a day without watching the news or talking with friends and having some sort of drama regarding our two political parties being brought up.


The Republican and Democratic parties not getting along is nothing new. The two groups, composed of millions of Americans on each side, have debated how our country should be run and how we should act as a nation and as a member of the world probably about as long as dogs and cats have hated hated each other. Or in this case, elephants and donkeys.


In today’s age where the Internet, technology and the media basically rule over humanity, the division between us as American citizens has grown to new heights, on levels unimaginable by our country’s Founding Fathers. The question is, has the division gone a little too far? And what can be done about the problem once and for all?


Let us address the elephant in the room first. Pun intended. Our country’s current President, Mr. Donald J. Trump, has been a major source of controversy over the years since his election in 2016, to the point where many Democrats want to get rid of him for reasons that are honestly most likely skewed by news reports to some extent.