FCCLA Spaghetti Dinner


Kimberly Jarvis

Information about the FCCLA Dinner

Kristen Carty

Madison-Plains FCCLA is selling spaghetti dinners from Nov. 22 through Nov. 25 and will be ready on Nov. 26 to raise money for the FCCLA club.

Money is due before or on the date of delivery. The dinner can either be delivered or picked up. If delivered then it will be delivered to your room. 

You can either email Kimberly Jarvis or the students will be walking around to sell and collect forms for orders. You can also order on google forms.

There are two options to pick from. You can get the family meal which includes baked spaghetti dinner, salad, breadsticks, and brownies. The family meal feeds up to four. The other option is an individual meal. That includes baked spaghetti dinner, salad, breadstick, and brownie. It only feeds up to one.

The family meal is $24, and the individual meal is $8. The money is going to get jackets for the students participating in FCCLA and will receive community service. Students will also earn points for however many orders they sell. The students and Kimberly Jarvis will be cooking the food. The students will also gain experience in the kitchen and also learn teamwork, leadership, budgeting, and responsibilities throughout this project. 

Kimberly Jarvis stated, “I am hoping that our FCCLA students can take you out, feed your family, and that you can enjoy the spaghetti meal without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.”