Madison-Plains hosts biannual blood drive

Owen Phillips

Madison-Plains High School is hosting its biannual blood drive in the high school gymnasium tomorrow, sponsored by the student council in conjunction with the American Red Cross.


American Red Cross blood drives at high schools and colleges contribute 20% of the total blood supply for medical use across America. These blood drives are extremely important. The student council assists the Red Cross by running sign-in at the drive, providing refreshments for the donors, and facilitating set-up and tear down for the organization. 


Many students in years past have donated at the blood drives; in 2015 the blood drive collected 31 pints from donations from students and community members alike. The drive accepts any student above the age of 17 or 16 with parental consent. 


The Red Cross recommends eating a good meal before you donate, one with iron-rich foods such as red meats, poultry or spinach. They also recommend drinking lots of water the day of and getting a good night’s sleep the day before. 


They require two forms of identification and a list of any medications that you are taking for the day of donation. 


After donation, they recommend eating a nutritious snack, which is most often offered by the donation center, continuing fluid intake and avoiding rigorous exercise immediately after.