Madison-Plains FCCLA organization announces “Angel Tree” project

Official FCCLA logo

Official FCCLA logo

Benjamin Thompson

This past Wednesday, the Madison-Plains high school’s “Family, Career and Community Leaders of America” organization, better known as FCCLA, announced plans for their “Angel Tree” project, a holiday-based project based around helping the elderly maintain the spirit of Christmas.

The Angel Tree project has students aiming to help 85 of the elderly by providing blankets, decorated and filled grocery bags (with the help of younger students), and providing the ability for students to “adopt an Angel” for the holiday season by picking an angel off a tree for one of 23 children.

With this project, the FCCLA organization wishes to serve to those in need. Their members hope that in doing this, the young and the elderly alike will be able to experience a wonderful, blessed holiday season when they otherwise might not be able to.

Ms. Kim Jarvis, head of the FCCLA program at Madison-Plains, had the opportunity to spread the word about the Angel Tree project to other staff members and students of the school.

Jarvis was in charge of the organization of the event and has also been teaching a few of her classes about the concept of “paying it forward”. In her announcement email to the other teachers, she stated, “I am so proud of the dedication of the Madison-Plains students and the way they are pulling together to lift the spirits of others.”

The Angel Tree event will last for quite some time, and FCCLA encourages all of us to do our part.