Junior High Choir chooses soloists for the upcoming Winter Concert



The top picture is the Junior High Choir singing as one during their warm ups. The bottom left picture shows Caylee Evans one of the chosen soloists for their song, “Flashlight” and the bottom right picture shows Alyssa Thornton who is the second of the chosen soloists.

Janelle Marks

On Nov. 21,Madison-Plains Junior High School Choir students selected soloists for the winter concert in December.


The choir began their warmups after entering class. The kids were excited, if not a bit nervous for the audition in front of their class.


The Monday before Madison-Plains’ Thanksgiving Break they began auditions for their second song “Flashlight” by Mac Huff. There were a total of five auditions, each with their own style. In the end, Andrew Lawrence, their Junior High Choir teacher, chose eighth-graders Caylee Evans and Alyssa Thorton to be soloists for the song.


In the days prior, the class ran auditions for another one of their songs, “African Noël” by Victor C. Johnson deciding on two soloists: eighth-graders Alex Swigert and Caylee Evans as well as a duet with seventh-graders Bristol Jordan and Kierlin Redding.


They also plan to perform “Go Tell It On The Mountain” by Hal Leonard as a whole group as well as an audience favorite and tradition for the choir’s winter concert, “Carol of the Bells” alongside the Madison-Plains High School Choir.


The upcoming concert is looking promising, and Lawrence commented on audition day during warmups saying to the choir that they, “sound amazing today,” smiling brightly at them. They hope to bring the same smile to the faces of friends, family and community members that will attend their winter concert in December.