Donkey basketball; students versus adults


Kristen Carty

Students and teachers/adults riding donkeys to make a score.

Kristen Carty

Madison-Plains hosted a donkey basketball show at Madison-Plains High School on Friday at 6 P.M 

It is sponsored by the boys and girls basketball. Tickets were $8 at the gate. Also, each child 12 and under were able to get a free donkey ride. 

The students won 22 -20. The students got the winning score with seconds to go in the fourth quarter. 

The students that played were Addison Tesi, Rylee Davis, Jordan Hildebrand, Matthew Johnson, Macy Burchett, Adyn Gammel, Gavin Jones, and Ian Bowshier. 

The teachers/adults that were involved were Nathan Warren, Coach of the high school boys basketball team, Brock Wysong, Assistant Principal of Madison-Plains High School; Tara Buscemi, Jake LeGros, 5th-grade teacher; Geoffery Stokes, junior high teacher; Mr. Puhl, Ms. Byers, Alecia McCafferty, high school art teacher; Mr. Bush, Mr. Stewart, and Renee Hostetler, band teacher. 

The teachers/adults that actually participated were Nathan Warren, Brock Wysong, Tara Buscemi, Jake LeGros, Geoffery Stokes, Alecia McCafferty, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Puhl, and Ms. Byers.

Brock Wysong, who rode a donkey named Wild Thang, stated, “Wild Thang was a little too wild to ride but once I was able to ride the others I still made no baskets but I had fun.”