French Club Students visit Ecole Kenwood, a French immersion school in Dublin, Ohio


Kaylee Hart

Some of the French Club students gathered around helping the french fifth graders with their math homework.

Kaylee Hart

On Tuesday, the Madison-Plains High School French Club visited Ecole Kenwood, a K-6 French immersion school in Columbus, Ohio.


The following people attended the field trip: Teacher Madame Omwomo, Kaylee Hart (12), Janelle Marks (12), Annie Wethington (12), Rebecca Grigsby (11), Owen Blunt (10), Jacob Hamet (10), Gavin Schleich (10), Anna Morlock (10) and Riley Foster (9).


Students joined Madame Williams, a teacher at Ecole Kenwood, as she taught her fifth-grade classes. She taught her students mathematics, English and social studies, all while speaking French.


They also participated in many activities and games including singing songs, watching videos, being interviewed, playing “ma famille” (a family game) and “chaises musicales” (musical chairs).


The fifth-grade students also took the French club students around their school, showing them how the classes worked and what they did during the day. They informed them who taught the class, what subject and what grade they taught.


Shortly after visiting the school, the club traveled to La Chatelaine. La Chatelaine is a French bakery and bistro located in Dublin, Ohio. The students all chose the pick three combo, which included a caesar salad, soup and a sandwich of their choice. Students also chose from a wide variety of famous french desserts (baguette, crème brûlée, macaroons, etc).


“It was a very great experience! Everyone had an amazing time and loved working alongside the students,” President Janelle Marks stated.


Seniors were sad that this was their last trip to Ecole Kenwood, but are excited to see future club members continue the tradition next year.