Madison-Plains High School Choir and Jazz Band perform at parent-teacher conferences


Jodie Marks

Ms. Woodard joins the choir as a soloist for their second song.

Janelle Marks

Madison-Plains High School Choir and Jazz Band performed at parent-teacher conferences on Thursday, Nov. 14.


Everyone involved in the performances was excited and the choir began the show, with their first song: “The River Sleeps Beneath The Sky” by Victor C. Johnson, which “nearly brought some parents in the audience to tears”. 


The choir also included their English teacher, Ms. Woodard, as a soloist in their second song: “Jolene” by Pentatonix and Dolly Parton. It was a change of pace from their first song and got the audience clapping along to the rhythm.


The Jazz Band used the energy of the second song from the choir to jump into their songs, the first of which was “Watermelon Man” by Mike Kamuf, where they featured Gage Hill on guitar, Daniel Lyons on bass guitar, Megan Robinson on alto saxophone and Julian Weis on cornet.


The second song, “Darktown Strutters Ball” by Shelton Brooks, featured Sam Rhoads on baritone saxophone. The third song they played was George Gershwin’s “Summertime” with counterparts composed by the students in the Jazz Band. They began with a solo by Nic Nye on cornet, then Sam Rhoads on baritone saxophone, and Julian Weis on cornet.


For their last song the Jazz Band teacher, Mr. Lawrence, thanked everyone for coming and they played a blues tune by Blues by 5 featuring Dalton Dodds on vibraphone, Megan Robinson on alto saxophone and once again Gage Hill on guitar.