Madison-Plains Quick Recall overtakes West Liberty-Salem High School Quick Recall


Stormy Hiram

The 2018-2019 Quick Recall Team. Left to right, bottom, Evan Fisher, Ian Bowser, Ryan Goodman, Sara Hoop, Owen Phillips, middle, Jonathan Martin, Jerry Slagle, Spencer Backer, Joseph Siler, Ken Shafer, top, Nathan Adams, Mrs. Hiram, Dani Breen, Brandon Bullock and Nathaniel Talbert

Bryanna Dodds

On Nov. 11, Madison-Plains’ Quick Recall team traveled to West Liberty-Salem High School in a match of the minds. The Quick Recall team scored a winning score of 310 to 140, taking a win on their first game of the season.


The team gets points for different questions based on the difficulty of the question. While at the match they had some very difficult questions and some interesting questions, they answered as many as they could and took the match for themselves. 


Among the team they have : Owen Phillips, Spencer Baker, Dani Breen, Rhyan Goodman, Chris Ernst, Ian Bowshier, Joey Grigsby, Nathan Adams, Jonathan Martin, Rachel Weis, Ken Shafer, Jerry Slagle, Evan Fisher, Nathaniel Talbert, Andrew Geyer, Hannah Geyer, Emma Wethington.  

They were excited to have won the game and to be able to go to their next match. Hoping to get another win to bring back home. A first-year, Rachel Weis, says “It’s a lot of fun and that I wish I would have done it before my junior year.” 


Their next match is November 25, 2019, at Cedarville High School. Come out and support your fellow Eagles!