The Wonderful Performance of Twelve Angry Jurors

Benjamin Thompson

The Madison-Plains High School Drama Club is hosting their newest performance titled “Twelve Angry Jurors” on November 22-24 at the high school.


Based on a very popular 1957 movie on the same name, the play is about twelve men participating in a jury for an 18-year old man accused of stabbing and killing his father. For this reason, the play is often referred to by the name of “Twelve Angry Men” instead, but the performance is the exact same.


The twelve men, complete strangers to one another, must decide if the teenager is “guilty” or “not guilty” of murder and should be charged as such after the closing arguments in his court case. Near the beginning, only one of the twelve men think the suspect is not guilty of killing his father. As the performance progresses, more and more of them start to think the teenage man is not guilty, one at a time.


Many opposing viewpoints are shared by the jurors through the length of the performance. The first of them to think the 18-year old man is not guilty is only able to start persuading the others with the evidence he secretly gathered on top of his hunch that anything is possible despite popular opinions.


The play serves as a lesson to audiences that one should never back down on what they believe is right, and that having evidence for any and all arguments is essential to proving a point. These are lessons that even younger audiences can use later in life.


The Eagle Editorial had the opportunity to interview Ashley Woodard, advisor of the Madison-Plains High School Drama Club. Woodard had the opportunity to work with the rest of the crew with her role in leadership and is in charge of financial matters. The students invested their part by running the show and perform the actual acting.

Screenshot taken from the 1957 movie “12 Angry Jurors”.

Woodard says that the performance will be “wonderful drama” and “something more dramatic than we’ve done the past few years”. The drama club has been preparing for the performance for quite some time now, and they are very confident the show will be something everyone who attends will enjoy.