Halloween door decorating contest

Kristen Carty

The winners for the door contest. (Left to Right) Ms. Davis, Mrs. Potts, Mrs. McCafferty, Mrs. Bush (Bottom)

Madison-Plains High School and Junior High hosted a Halloween door decorating contest on November 1, 2019. 

Mrs. Bush, Mrs. Potts, Ms. Davis, and Mrs. McCafferty all won the door contest. Starting with Ms. Davis, her door said, “Trick or treat, Smell our feet, We show our work nice & neat.” She put socks and pictures of her students on the door. Mrs. Potts picked a Charlie Brown theme and said, “I got a rock.” Mrs. McCafferty’s door was based on the movie It and said, “We All Learn Here.” And Mrs. Bush’s door was based on The Tell Tale Heart and said, “Here! Here! It is the beating of the hideous heart!”

The rest of the teachers did the following: 

Mr. Hamilton did a gate that said, “Enter at your own risk.”

Mrs. Jarvis did Monster House. 

The lunchroom did a mummy which said, “Mummy says eat more fruit” and a vampire that said, “Blah Blah Blah Veggies Aren’t Scary.” 

Ms. Balint did Frankenstein and said, “Frank says to hit the breaks this fall!”

Mrs. Omwomo and Mrs. Elkins both did the Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Mrs. Pitstick’s door said, “A monster is calling.”

Mr. Hoffman did an FFA vampire that said, “Happy Halloween Aw Shuck”

Mr. Stokes did a monster sitting there, eating a Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and said, “You are what you eat.”

Mrs. Hildebrant had aliens walking on the Earth and asteroids coming down to the Earth.

Ms. Wethington did a purple house with a ghost on the side and an owl in the tree.

Mrs. Murdock had the “HAPPY” falling from spiderwebs and Halloween spelling in candy.

Mrs. Bergsten & Hahlen did a black cat.

Mrs. Hamilton did a ghost and spiderwebs.

Mrs. Opallas door said “El dia de Los Muertos”. Which means the day of the dead. 

Mr. Carroll did a hand.

The library did a mummy and two pumpkins.