Valentines Day while in a Relationship

Lucas Stephenson, Staff Writer

Well Valentine’s day is right around the corner and it is every man’s “favorite” time of the year. This is especially a favorite time for those men who aren’t super romantic or affectionate. I say this with full sarcasm. When you have a girlfriend who is very affectionate and loves going on dates, you will ultimately give in and take her on a date because it is valentines day. 

I love my girlfriend and I feel bad that I am not always the most affectionate person, so I understand that from time to time she is going to want to go on a date. Valentine’s day while in a relationship usually starts with exchanging gifts. The gifts are typically flowers from the man to the woman, those flowers usually go in a pretty vase then get watered maybe once and then die. I got smart this year and got a glass rose for my girlfriend so that way it can’t die. It can’t be broken because it comes in a clear case that protects it.

After you exchange gifts you’ll usually go out for dinner at a fancy restaurant. Last year I took my girlfriend to a nice japanese steak house. This year we decided we are going to Texas Roadhouse, this is a more casual and less expensive restaurant. This is a place that we eat most of the times that we go out to dinner. During dinner you let your girlfriend order anything she wants, because after all this is “Her” day. 

Overall when you are in a relationship during valentines day you will find yourself getting your girlfriend anything and everything that she wants. You will show her that extra bit of attention and show her just how much you love her. Valentine’s day is a big day of reassurance for most couples.