Songwriting: Producing Music for the World is Harder than it Looks

Anna Price, Staff Writer


Music, possibly the cornerstone of society. Singing it, producing it, all of it is just difficult. But my least favorite part is writing it.

Coming up with lyrics is hard enough but then having to make them fit into your song is just so difficult. Like, for example, the song I’ve been writing since last year is still not done because I can’t come up with the right lyrics. So, I’m kind of putting it off and working on another song but I have the same problem, I can’t come up with the lyrics.

I don’t know if you have ever written or attempted to write a song but, speaking from personal experience, you have to be committed to the song to write it. Or else, the effort won’t be worth it.

Writing lyrics is so tricky because once you have a melody you have to have words that fit it or else it’ll sound wrong. Trust me, I’ve tried. It’s honestly ridiculous how many times I’ve tried and failed at writing lyrics for my songs.

My advice, be committed, writing lyrics takes effort and trial and error, try more than one attempt because giving up isn’t going to write your song, it takes a lot of time. I’m talking hours, days, possibly months or years. Like I said, you gotta be committed.

Good Luck.