Why Elon Musk Is Better than Every other Billionaire

John Marks, Staff Writer

Elon Musk is better and cooler than every other boring billionaire out there. The man reinvented the electric car and is going to send people to mars while other guys like Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos look at numbers.

Other Billionaires have tried to be as cool as Elon, like Jeff Bezos for example, he also started his own space program. However, Bezos’s rockets aren’t nearly as pointy as Elon’s. Elon being the giga chad that he is called out Bezos for this. Jeff has now tried to be cool by wearing a cowboy hat with his space suit but really struggled to pull it off and everyone was just kind of confused by his hat.

Another Billionaire that is much more boring than Elon is Warren Buffet. That old geezer eats McDonalds every single morning and bases his breakfast around how the stock market is doing. He then proceeds to go and compare charts of Pepsi and Coke. Meanwhile, Elon is out making flamethrowers and bullet proof cyber trucks. The man is such a chad he even said “I would rather commit seppuku than fail.”

Don’t even get me started on Mark Zuckerberg. That man is the reason that facebook moms exist. That man is so weird I’m not even sure if he’s human. I genuinely think that there’s a good chance he’s an alien. And when he’s not selling your personal information to companies he’s shooting goats with lazers. If Mark Zuckerberg was Dr. Oz, Elon would be Dr. Phil. They just  aren’t even on the same level.

All in all, Elon Musk is far superior to all the other billionaires because he is just an absolute giga chad and all the other billionaires are just boring or extremely weird.