Summer’s Superiority Over Winter

Maylynn Lawler, Staff Writer

When it’s cold out, do you feel limited to outdoor activities? Well that’s why summer is way better than winter. When it’s cold out everyone becomes bitter and not as happy as they are when it’s warm and sunny out. When it’s warm out there’s numerous activities you can do. Such as, go swimming, play outdoor games such as cornhole or flag football, have bonfires, go to parties, you can also go stargazing. Yes, you can still do most of those activities during winter if you really want to, however it’s not as fun when you’re cold. Some people that are more of homebodies prefer winter because they can stay in all the time, but also people do enjoy going skiing and snowboarding. Personally, I’d prefer summer just because I’m so much happier during it, usually I’m swimming, tanning, and hanging out with people I’m close with. I also go on vacation during summertime. Winter makes me feel gross, and I don’t feel as happy and energetic. “According to Neubauer, there’s research being done on the connection between sunlight and mood. “It is clear in cases where people are very depressed that strategic light exposure can have a direct therapeutic effect, especially those with seasonal affective disorder [a disorder where you become depressed in colder, darker months],” he says. “The principle is well-established. People… who are more down in the wintertime have more energy and their mood is up in the summer.” Basically, the brightness of summer can naturally enhance your mood and make you feel happier.” It is scientifically proven that being less happy during winter is an actual thing.