Dream Homes for the Future

Payne Haverfield, Staff Writer

What does your dream home look like? There are so many ideas that run though are heads for dream homes. and as we get older ideas for dream homes become more realistic. We dream of slides and pools in our homes but we never think of the reality of what’s going on. 

So for my dream home I want it to be in a nice hot location like Florida or Cali or even Texas. A nice home but not too big. White or gray paint with a lot of land so we can do anything we want. With a garage so I can put my trucks in.

So let’s talk about the inside of my dream home. Like all kids, when I was younger I dreamed of having such a fun home like Orbeez in my bathtub, or fish living underneath my glass floor. But as I got older my ideas for my dream home became more realistic. Inside my dream house I want just a big kitchen with a nice dining area to have friends and family over to have a good time. Also in my dream home I want a big pool with a cool water fountain so I can  just lay by the pool all day. But I also want a nice simple home, very modern and up to date. My dream home is not that unbelievable, very simple really and I want it to be. 

So enough about me I want to know what other people’s dream homes look like. I have been looking at all different kinds of houses to see what people’s dream homes look like and they were so cool one house had a sunroof  that could open and close whenever they wanted it to. That seems very cool to have in a home because when  it’s a nice day you want to feel the fresh air in your lungs so when you have that opperenady it can be great to use and very beneficial to have. 

Another home I saw had a slide in the living room of their house and you could slide it down whenever you wanted to. That seems like a very cool idea. You can be comfubal and still have a fun time. 

Have you ever heard of having a net as a bed no? Well let me tell you it’s a thing in this next dream home someones bed is really a net you would think that you back would start to hurt after time but maybe not maybe it feels like sleeping on air i don’t know how it feels but i think i might have to add this to my list of things for my dream home. 

How do you feel about bowling alleys? Well how would you feel about having one in your basement? Someone’s house really had a bowling alley in their house. This seems like a fun idea don’t wanna go out but still have a good time. Just go right down stares and boom you got yourself a full bowling alley to have fun with, maybe even invite your friends to have a good time.

All of these ideas seem like fun and they probably have an awesome home. Most people will probably have a better time than me in their dream home. So home this help with ideas for your dream homes.