Valentine’s day is OVERRATED

Georgia Greenlee, Staff Writer

Valentine’s day is a big day for a lot of people and can either be a really fun and exciting day or can also be stressful and hard to come up with a good gift that fits perfectly for your significant other. In my opinion i think that valentines day is very over rating and in all honesty can be very discriminating. Because for a very long time in the United States valentine’s day was not about any one but a male and female relationship. Which was very decrimination towards the lgbtq community.

Not only can valentines day be a very discriminating thing is can also be very stressful and put a lot of weight on a relationship. Such as if you’re in the beginning of a relationship you don’t want to get her too much because what if she feels pushed into the relationship and feels like things are moving way too fast, which could end in a break up. Not only that but girls dress as well because they want to get their significant other gifts yet girls seem to want to put a lot of work and effort into it and it can cause a lot of stress if the other person only gets them flowers. Because now you put so much thought into something when the other person only got flower4s which really doesn’t have any thought at all. 

I believe you should have a talk with your significant other before you have valentines day so you know the limits. Such as having the conversation about what they think they are in the relationship and where they think it’s gonna go which can be a very tough conversation down the road but it can also help the relationship a large amount down the road. It also helps so you don’t lead the person down the road. 

Not only is valentine’s day stressful and discriminating to many people it really shouldn’t be a thing. In my opinion you should buy your person flowers once in a while to tell them you’re thinking about them. It may not seem that much but to them it’s a huge deal and really does tell them that they’re still on your mind. 

So in conclusion I think we should honestly take away valentines day and love our person all the time and not just one day. Take them out to eat once in a while or buy their favorite candy to show them you care all the time and not just one day of the year.